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Vehicle Detail in Bellevue, WA
Wednesday, 15 December 2010
Bellevue WA Auto Detailing

I have a car washing routines can keep your car clean pretty much all the time. Which can prevent some basic damages done to your car as you drive it and as it's exposed to the sun and rain. Your paint will develop very fine micro scratches that you will need to polish and wax about every eight weeks.  If you are in WA, be sure to visit this Bellevue auto detailing service.

Buy a dual action orbital polisher from an online detailing supply company. Also by a high-quality polish and wax. After a complete wash, apply upbeat of polish to every panel on your car. Walk around the car and make sure that every panel has one small bead of polish. Now apply a soft foam pad to your polisher, and press this pad on top of each deed of polish. Turn on your polisher at medium speed and spread the polish around completely on the panel that you're working on. Once you've spread the polish around the panel, make one final pass from left to right and top to bottom in which you actually turned the polish into dust. Repeat this process going around your car in a clockwise motion.

Now that the polish has been turned into dust you will apply upbeat of waxed every panel on your car. You should apply to beads to your hood and roof of your car. Now change out the pad on your polisher and spray some detailer spray on the pad. Now just like you did with the polish spread the wax around on the panel at medium speed and then turn up the speed as you make your final pass.

Now use your detailed spray can, panel by panel, Ms. of fine amount of detailed spray on each panel and proceed to remove the wax with a fine microfiber towel in a circular motion.

The combination of biweekly washing and waxing and polishing every eight weeks will keep your car in fantastic, like new condition.



Posted by detailbellevue3 at 7:47 PM EST
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Thursday, 2 December 2010
Car Detail in Bellevue Washington
Mood:  a-ok



I am Jon Stanford and I am an enthusiastic car hobbyist. My vehicles tend to be stored as thoroughly clean as possible. I use only the newest techniques I find on the Internet. In fact, I rarely drive while it is raining!

Here is a basic automobile care procedure you can follow. It's simple and affordable, but will take about thirty minutes each week. First, clean twice a week, bad weather or shine. even if it's raining cats and dogs, wash your vehicle. It will pay off big time over the life of your car or truck. If you have to use an automatic carwash.

Wipe down your vehicle's interior on every other carwash. The dirt and lint on your dash, console, map pockets, etc., builds up and will become hard to get rid of quickly., avoid the long term build-up of grime.

Every 4th car wash, that's every two weeks, perform a spot shampoo of your floor coverings and floor mats. It's really simple to do if you undertake this regularly. Get an aerosol can of carpeting products from the supermarket along with a stiff carpet brush. Now brush your carpets and floormats, next vacuum completely. Then vacuum. Then spray the aerosol carpet shampoo on to the filthy areas of your floormats and carpets until they're simply damp but not entriely wet. Scrub into a froth. Vacuum the foam. Now grab a small number of bath towels. Scrub the newly shampooed carpets with your towels.

Once every two weeks, clean your windows. Use a clean microfiber towel and a glass cleaner specific for automotive windows. Look at your windows from multiple angles as you work, preferably in direct sun. Instead of obsessing about quality, be obsessive about consistency. The glues and adhesives and coatings on your car's interior are slowly evaporating, leaving deposits on your interior glass.

Finally, use a concentrated acid-based wheel cleaner from Meguiars called Wheel Brightener. This will prevent the buildup and discoloration of your wheels from brake dust deposits. If you are consistent about washing your car twice weekly, you will have so little dirt and brake dust on your wheels that you can simply wet your wheels, then spray Wheel Brightener, then wet them again to get them fully clean again.

Posted by detailbellevue3 at 10:02 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 2 December 2010 10:11 PM EST
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